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July 11, 2008
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ministeria by iella ministeria by iella
Drawn up during nightshift along with [link]

I then added the orange as soon as I got home. I am now in serious need of sleep lol

I got the title off the lounge system we have. The word 'ministerial' doesnt fit so 'ministeria' shows up. I always think of something very regal and demanding, so was born she :)

Really dead lounge today. ONE passenger for the ENTIRE SHIFT. I was going to die from boredom D:

Dragon fluffy thing with demanding attitude. Its a she. (and her body is humanoidish so shes under anthro plz not to change kthx)

art&character is =iella's

Commenting comes along tonight folks! iella is in dire need of sleeps now D:

EDIT: FORGOT TO SAY. I BUTCHERED THE HANDS. I can draw better dragon hands than that but lazyness+tiredness+otherfactors made this oh well, fail.
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KeziahRose Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
That detailing work must have taken you forever! But it turned out lovely
nikopul Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's cool
ChichiOracle Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2008
wow thats very detailed
kencam Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2008
Hehe... Even in monstrous things you can show an attitude like what you said, "demanding" (which is what I instantly thought of when I opened this. :XD: )

"Fluffy dragon" sounds funny though. :XD:

By the way. Some small critique on your doode... Don't be afraid to make elbow joints and knee joints bigger :P

BTW. IT must really be fun to doodle at work ey! Work shouldn't be that boring D: Much better than being totally stressed out having angry and confuzzled people all the time. :XD: confuzzled
V-CORE Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2008
I realy love the details in this ,great Job
7THeaven Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2008  Student Digital Artist
awesome job on this! :D
samjudtsu Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
AWSOME!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!! [:3] :headbang: ROCK ON!!!! :headbang: hey and by the way, I saw some of your work in the Digital Arts Expo's gallery last week!! AWSOME WORK!!!!! :headbang: Did you go the the expo?
iella Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008  Professional General Artist
heyhey :D

ohhhh thanks very much for your kind comments! <3
Yeah I was at the expo everyday :) I went to a LOT of seminars though but I often used to hang out near the wacom stand. The wacom cintiq attracted my attention too much :D
samjudtsu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
O_O!!! SAME HERE!!!! HEHE!!! The Cintiq is HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! But unfortunatley it is too expensive! -_-!! I NEED A WACOM TABLET!!! The Intuos3 A5 Wide or A4 have good prices for a Wacom product and are VERY good to use!! I think that eventually I will think on buying one of those, hopefully!! hehe!
iella Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2008  Professional General Artist
Wacom are the BEST. Ive had a Nisis tablet and a Jam tablet which lasted a year each. But I bought the wacom bamboo (the cheapest one lol) last december and I am still veryvery happy with its performance! And its the cheapest one of them all! I cant wait for my paycheck to come in so I can stash it into my savings account. Its a big jump from bamboo to cintiq but I fell in love D:
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